Simple steps to beat energy rises & reduce carbon emissions

Rising energy prices, increasing climate change levy, more net zero targets, daily environmental news stories; there is pressure from all sides for everyone to be more energy efficient, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the environment.

But what does being energy efficient actually mean? For individuals it can mean walking more, buying local produce, switching off appliances (not leaving them on standby). For businesses, organisations, healthcare, educational institutions, being energy efficient means actively reducing the amount of energy consumed in the workplace.

There are a raft of energy efficiency solutions offering the potential to reduce operating costs and help the environment. This can be through switching to renewable energy, installing LED lighting, adopting low energy heating solutions (such as infrared), making sure products and appliances have a good energy rating, training staff to follow better energy management systems and processes.

Lighting and heating frequently make up the largest proportion of an organisation’s operating costs. However, the right LED lighting solution and an energy efficient heating solution can bring savings of up to 80% in energy and maintenance costs. While there is an initial investment to be made, there are funding options available and payback periods can be realised within 2 years and sometimes within a few months.

Whytelight Solutions are specialists in LED lighting and infrared heating solutions. Following a site visit to assess the existing provision, we provide clients with detailed information on recommended products and systems which will bring maximum efficiency, productivity and cost savings. With experience gained over eight years’ helping businesses of all types and sizes save energy costs, we can design the right solution to meet each individual business needs.

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