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At Whytelight our goal is to help customers save money, improve productivity and reduce carbon footprint with energy efficient LED lighting and/or Infrared heating.

Replacing an existing or installing a new lighting or heating system can be both complex and costly. With six years in the industry working with businesses of all types and sizes across the whole of the UK, we have the expertise to guide you through the process towards achieving energy efficient lighting and heating solutions.

Site Survey

Whytelight will go on site to assess the current environment (internal and external) and identify where savings can be made by using energy efficient lighting and heating solutions. In some situations where a physical site visit is not possible, we can work from floor or site plans.

We don’t believe in a ‘like for like’ replacement, we look at what level of lighting and/or heating is required and make our recommendations according to what is required for efficient and safe working.


Return on Investment

Following the site survey, Whytelight produce a Return on Investment (ROI) document which details the recommended products for each area, the costs and the expected savings. This is consolidated into a summary sheet which shows the anticipated ROI, the expected payback period and the CO2 savings (in tonnes).

Grants and Funding Applications

Installing new or replacing existing lighting or heating solutions can be a significant investment for a business. Whytelight have extensive knowledge in sourcing, applying and completing applications for grants or funding.

Lighting Design

If you need help with lighting design, Whytelight have electronic engineers who can create the right lighting design for a specific business environment and purpose.

Product Design & Innovation

Whytelight don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We look at the business need, the environment and then find the right product to suit the requirement. If there isn’t a product that meets this need, we will design one and have it made. Technology is constantly moving, Whytelight are always looking to create new products and be ahead of the game.



Where Whytelight have produced an ROI document, once this is agreed we procure the products for either supply only – if the business has their own electricians – or we can do the installation.

For businesses who know what they want and are looking for supply only services, Whytelight have developed excellent relationships with manufacturers in the UK and abroad.



Working with teams of L17 qualified electricians, we can install LED lighting and Infrared heating products anywhere in the UK. However, we will only install our products.



Once a project is complete, we provide the necessary certification documents to demonstrate the products have been installed correctly by suitably qualified personnel and meet the required standards.


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