Financing the cost of a new lighting and heating solution can be quite daunting. But there are a lot of funding options out there to help businesses with the cost, ranging from local and/or national government grants, private funds, carbon reduction initiative funds.

With eight years in this industry and over 20 years combined knowledge of successfully applying for funding, Whytelight Solutions have helped many businesses achieve significant contributions towards the cost of installing new LED lighting and Infrared heating solutions.

As an accredited supplier with the Carbon Trust we have extensive knowledge of the funding programmes available with the Carbon Trust across the UK. For example the Green Business Fund, Interest free energy efficiency loans (Wales, Northern Ireland), Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP), and many more.

In addition, there are a wide range of other sources of funding available from across the UK.

The funding landscape also regularly changes so keeping up with what is available in your area can be a challenge. Our experience of how these funding programmes work and change means we are aware of what’s coming and what is likely to change in the near future.

For more information about funding your LED lighting and/or Infrared Heating project, talk to us on 01257 424642 or e-mail us here.