Our history

Established in 2012 by Peter Whyte, Whytelight Solutions has helped clients across the UK save energy costs and reduce their carbon consumption. Over the past 6 years, technology has transformed the LED lighting industry so that now there is an LED lighting product to suit every need.

Whytelight are specialists in designing and installing high quality LED lighting solutions for retail areas, food display areas, extreme heat environments, large warehouses as well as commercial office areas, gyms, nurseries and hotels. We don’t just do a ‘like for like’ replacement of existing lights with LED’s, we look at the area, ask what is it being used for and design the right lighting to fit the business need.

In 2016 we were introduced to the new generation of Infrared heating panels. We saw how energy efficient, low maintenance and easy to install they were and have successfully installed infrared heating for offices, warehouses and children’s nurseries.

We are accredited with the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub and in November 2016 we were listed on the GM Innovate100 list. In December 2017 we were awarded Carbon Trust accreditation for the second year and are the only company in the UK accredited for LED lighting and Infrared heating solutions.

Our ethos

To support carbon reduction through the use of LED lighting and Infrared heating solutions where possible and appropriate. We aim to save companies money and achieve their Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) targets by helping them reduce their energy consumption.

Our approach

At the start of any project we visit the customer site(s) to assess the environment and recommend the best solution in terms of LED lighting and Infrared heating products. We look at the required light and heating levels, the type of work carried out in the proposed area, the size of the area, and how many people are likely to be using it. We identify what is already there in terms of existing light fittings, energy supply, heating method; and consider what is required to create an optimum working environment.

Following a detailed site survey, we provide a full report showing the proposed products and costs, compare the before and after energy usage, outline the installation costs (if required) and the anticipated Return on Investment. With our report, the customer has all the information necessary to make an informed commercial decision. In addition, our experience and track record in this industry means we can help with available funding options and grants.

Our products

We are LED lighting and Infrared heating specifiers, assessors, advisors and installers. Our products are all high quality, using new generation LED lighting and Infrared heating technology to ensure the quickest and most cost effective reduction in energy consumption available.

As a Carbon Trust accredited supplier, the LED products we use fit the Carbon Trust criteria enabling tax benefits and carry a minimum 3 year manufacturer warranty, with some UK manufacturer warranties up to 8 years.

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