LED Lighting & Infrared Heating Solutions

Wigan based Whytelight Solutions Ltd survey, specify and install high quality LED lighting and Infrared heating solutions. Whytelight have successfully installed energy efficient lighting and heating solutions for commercial, educational, industrial, retail businesses, charities and other organisations across the UK.

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Find out about companies like yours who have already made significant savings…

We’ve worked with hundreds of companies up and down the UK. Successfully saving our clients thousands. Again and again…

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Find out about any funding available via our trusted partner network.

We have a vast network of funding partners available to us. We could possible secure up to 50% matched funding for you…


Do you want to find out exactly how much you could save by working with us?

We offer a completely FREE site audit. We will arrange a time and date with you and then look exactly where you can save money.

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Lighting and heating are two easy ways to improve the energy efficiency of your business

Our clients have achieved an average of 70% cost savings from installing LED lighting and/or Infrared heating solutions.

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