LED lighting has moved on dramatically since it was first introduced and comes with many advantages:

Lower Running Costs – LED lighting is considerably cheaper to run. Our lamps have a proven energy saving of up to 94% against their traditional counterparts. The return on your investment is usually around 3 months for simple lamp replacements and between 18-24 months for fitting replacements to LEDs.

  • Cost Saving – Saving between 60% and 94% on lighting costs.
  • Minimal changeover costs – Many light fittings have an LED equivalent e.g. ceiling light panels, reducing redecoration or ‘making good’ costs.
  • Switch on savings – LEDs have no starter or ballast, so there is no draw of additional power when the light is switched on.

Lower Maintenance Costs – LED lighting lasts on average 10 times longer, saving unseen and sometimes forgotten costs in maintenance.

  • Technology – Our products incorporate Samsung, Philips or CREE Technology, the best available within the industry.
  • Virtually no heat – LED tubes do not produce enough heat to create brittle end caps on Fluorescent lighting.
  • Longer Lifespan – Last 30 times longer than halogen, and 10 times longer than Fluorescent.
  • Durable – LEDs are not affected by vibrations or shaking.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty – All our products carry a minimum 3 year warranty.

Environmental – LED lighting reduces your carbon emissions. Any business on the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) register, who does not meet the targets set by the government, will pay significant consequential fines. It’s important for every one of us, regardless of size, to do our bit and make a difference!

  • Environmentally Friendly – ‘Dark-sky’ compliant and no mercury or other harmful chemicals!
  • We safely dispose of your existing lighting, complying with WEEE requirements
  • Recycling – Our whole range is fully recyclable!

Light quality and working environment – LED produce consistent, high quality lighting, optimised for human vision.

  • Minimal burn light reduction – some bulbs will noticeably reduce the amount of light they produce the more they are used, LEDs don’t – there is minimal reduction in the level of light as they get older.
  • Instant light – No warm up and no flicker. This provides the facility to save even more if used in conjunction with motion/daylight sensors.
  • Better Light – Fact; LED lighting is optimised for human vision.
  • Virtually no heat – LEDs produce very little heat, unlike traditional lamps.
  • Certification – All our products carry a minimum of CE & RoHS certification.

LED lighting lends itself to ‘intelligent’ solutions, one of its advantages is that of instant light output, no warm up time needed, with these solutions you can further increase your energy/financial savings. With a multitude of sensor options, singularly or mixed, daylight and/or movement dimming/switching and even low running whilst not in service (day/night setting). The range includes retro fit and new installations, covering the ability to offer complete solutions from spot lights, fluorescent replacement, to flood and site lighting. The savings are huge and very real with a positive consequential side effect of reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Complete the form today for your free site survey and see how much you could save.