Why Infrared?

Highly Efficient Infrared Heating Solutions

In addition to saving you money, using the right Infrared Heating can completely change how an internal space looks and feels, providing ambient heat to the environment. Whilst carrying out our free survey we consider all health and safety aspects and how you use the space.

One of the aspects many companies forget or don’t see is the maintenance costs. Our new generation Infrared heating panels don’t just address this, but massively reduce installation costs on new projects.

Our IR panels are quick and easy to install (no pipework, no boilers) and have a life of 100,000 hours, typically 8 times longer than traditional electric heaters, and with absolutely no maintenance costs for the term of its life.

The savings vs Gas are around 60%, vs electric 75%, but we can also introduce wireless thermostatic controls to increase this even further, controlled via a pc or even an app on your mobile.

• Save up to 60% against Gas
• Save up to 75% against Electric
• Further Savings achieved with UK manufactured thermostatic control system
• Control your environment from your phone or computer
• Ultra-Slim Panels fit to wall or ceiling
• Commercial or Residential Application
• Customisable to your design – put your Image on our new Panel Heater

Feel the Warmth, Feel the Benefit

Aside from the obvious financial benefits, Infrared heating technology can boast many health benefits for the human body. Whereas traditional heaters produce high levels of heat that warms the air current around objects, Infrared heaters produce heat that penetrates objects deeper and keeps them warmer for longer.

Infrared Panels, like the sun, heats objects directly without relying on air currents.

When the human body is exposed to Infrared heat, blood circulation operates at its optimum rate. Infrared heating is therefore beneficial to people with health conditions such as respiratory problems. Furthermore, Infrared heat does not create (and is not carried by) currents of air and therefore they do not increase the spread of dust. Another benefit of Infrared heating not relying on air circulation is that they significantly decreases the loss of heat through ventilation systems without affecting the flow of oxygen. You can therefore inhabit a controlled environment with both comfortable, healthy heat and fresh air.

Infrared Heating is extremely adaptable and versatile, no matter what the environment. Our infrared heating panels can and will improve your working and domestic environment.