Internal LED Lighting

Brightening your internal work space

In addition to saving you money, using the right LEDs can completely change how an internal space looks and feels. When we conduct our site survey we consider all health and safety lighting aspects as well as the current lighting levels. But significantly, we talk with you about how you use the space. In our experience, the nature and type of work carried out in an area changes over time and often the existing lighting no longer meets the current needs of the people working in that location.

Our knowledge and experience of the range of LED products available means we are able to increase lighting in reception areas; we can create subtle lighting schemes for restaurants; produce laboratory super bright light levels for inspection and precision work; brighten loading bays in warehouses or we can install movement detection in quieter areas such as hallways, toilets and warehousing racking aisles – whatever you need.

LED Panel Lights

Our extensive range of high quality, stylish LED panel lights can be surface mounted or recessed. Our lights are all CE and IP rated.

Power range: 18W

Colour output: 3000k – 7000k

Dimmable: Yes

Recessed: Yes

Surface mounted: Yes

LED Downlights

Our stylish range of high quality, LED downlights are available in black, chrome, brushed steel. Our lights are all CE and IP rated.

Power range: 3W

Colour output: 3000k – 5000k

Dimmable: Yes

Recessed: Yes

Surface mount: Yes

LED Ceiling Panel Lights

We install high quality TVA Ceiling panel lights for a variety of office, retail and other commercial environments.

Power range: 36W

Colour output: 4000k – 5000k

Dimmable: Yes

Recessed: Yes

Surface mount: Yes

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